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Cancelling an Open Order

You may cancel your order, for any reason, and receive a full refund provided your order has not been added to the shipping queue or shipped by either ourselves or the distributor. Typically, most orders are shipped the same day they are received. Our customer service representatives can inform you of the status of your order and advise you whether or not the order can be cancelled for a full refund. Once an item is shipped or added to the shipping queue by either us or the distributor the terms of our returns policy will take effect. In some cases a custom, special order item may be non-returnable and/or non-cancelable.

Please note that an order is not considered cancelled until you receive a confirmation email.

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Product Price, Description & Color Policy

While we take measures to ensure that our web site reflects accurate product information and pricing, sometimes an error can appear on the site. We are not responsible for misrepresentations or errors found on the site.
Additionally, colors often vary depending on monitor settings and screen resolutions, and may not always display accurately on your screen.

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Rebate Disclaimer

Customer is responsible for mailing in rebate to the appropriate brand manufacturer. All rebate terms and conditions set by the brand manufacturer and Homeclick.com (HomeClick LLC). Homeclick.com (HomeClick LLC) reserves the right to revoke this policy at any time.

Once you find your rebate online, please print the rebate form and follow these tips to ensure you receive your rebate:

  1. Read the form completely, including the Terms and Conditions. (Please be aware that, unless noted otherwise, rebates are limited to one per product per household or address. Other limitations may also apply.)
  2. Note all proof-of-purchase requirements (e.g., receipt, UPC label, serial number, offer date), and make sure your product rebate has not expired.
  3. Wait for your purchased item to arrive at your home.
  4. Mail these items to the address shown on the rebate form:
    • Completed rebate form
    • A copy of your online receipt
    • All required proof-of-purchase documents
  5. All manufacturer rebates must be mailed to the manufacturer, and each rebate should be mailed in an individual envelope.
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